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What is Intruder Detection?

Intrusion Detection aka Intruder Alarm Systems are security system that detects and alerts occupants, of any attempted access through all entry or exit points & windows. An Alarm System provides for detection of the movement of an intruder within the protected premises. An Intrusion Alarm System typically consists of an Intruder Panel, PIR (Passive Infra Red) Movement Detectors, Vibration Detectors, Glass Break Detectors, Magnetic Door Contact, LPG Gas Detector, Smoke Detector, Sirens, Panic Button, Communicator, Battery Back Up and an optional Central Monitoring System (CMS) facility.

Benefits of  Intruder Detection

Protecting a large investment such as your Home or Business is one of the most important assets to you. The most common and economical way to protect your home and business is with a burglar alarm system. The burglar alarm systems of today are extensively researched and technologically advanced but still user friendly, making them an ideal home and business protection choice. The price range of burglar alarms systems ranges depending on the level of protection you require. Burglar alarms not only protect your premises but also any high valued assets (such as vehicles, boats and even your beloved pets) within the premises or designated zones. When choosing an Alarm Monitoring Control Centre the owner has piece of mind that the appropriate reaction team will arrive at his/her premises in the event of an Alarm or Panic.

SHS Intruder Alarm Detection Systems

SHS now offers one of the world’s leading brands in Home and Business Intruder Alarm Detection: DSC. As Intruder Alarm detection is the most sort after means of security, SHS offers both Wireless and Hardwired Intruder Alarm Systems as well as Hybrid Alarm systems (supporting both hardwire and wireless). The various options now offered in high tech detectors are Anti-Masking Technology, Anti-Cloaking Technology, Microwave and Infra-Red, Pet Friendly, Outdoor with PET Friendly, Industrial Ceiling Mount, Shock and Glass Break Detectors to name a few.

Wireless Alarms

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Optex Outdoor Detector

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DSC PowerSeries Control Panels

Videofied Alarms

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High Mount Detectors

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Two Way Wireless Alarms