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SHS Security is a dynamic company with a proud track record.

SHS Security has for the past two-and-a-half years done their motto proud and has served their clients well. The motto ‘Prohibera Delictum’ is brought to life by excellent service delivery in the safeguarding of immovable assets and other services rendered. SHS Security is owner managed and the management has in excess of 80 years combined experience in all facets of crime prevention.

SHS Security believes that value for money is one of the important aspects that enhance their business.

Security is by definition the safe making or keeping and protection of possessions, property and personnel. There are various ways and means to achieve this but all is underscored by the following elements:


Conduct Yourselves

If every home, business and person conducted themselves in a proactive manner, criminal elements would most of the time choose a “softer” target where resistance to their endeavours are minimal, therefore embracing the principal of deterring.

Guarding / Surveillance Services

The use of active guarding procedures, surveillance and early warning systems detects intrusion or attempted intrusion and gives the “victim” the opportunity to take action against intrusion, whether it is a delay action or quick response.

SHS Security believes:

Training of personnel is of paramount importance as well trained staff represents a cohesive unit that is able to operate optimally under duress. Our training is on an ongoing basis thus ensuring that our service is of high standard and quality.

Staff contentment:

It is of great importance to the management of SHS Security! SHS Security therefore strives to embrace staff in creating the opportunity to advance within the company on a performance based selection is beyond reproach and a high level of loyalty is obtained between members of the SHS Security family. All junior management members have been promoted through the ranks.

SHS Security has an excellent working relationships...

South African Police Service (SAPS) has been involved in various instances where individual South African Police Service members were rewarded for their services to the community. These rewards were facilitated through the Polokwane Chamber of Business, of which we are proud members.


SHS Security hereby extends a word of thanks to all our clients for their loyal support. If it was not for this support SHS Security could not have grown to being the formidable company it now is.

SHS Security invites all businesses, corporate's and smaller enterprises to

compare our services, prices and advantages to that of what they already

have. All you have to lose is your existing Security Service provider.

SHS Security

Prohibera Delictum: Combat and Prevent Crime.

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